Events for August 2018

August promises to be an exciting month with the launch of two new children’s picture story books. We are always very happy to support new and emerging authors and illustrators with publicly launching their work. This is the first time that we have hosted launches for children’s books, and look forward to sharing them with children and adults.

The Day I Met a Dinosaur

The Day I Met a Dinosaur

Launch @ Page 8 Hampton Sunday 19th August 1.00 pm to 3.00pm.  Child friendly refreshments will be served.

Written by Melbourne writer, Erin Marie,  to celebrate the first birthday of her son, Judah, this is a book full of the rhythm, rhyme and humour that young children love.  The illustrations by Hampton artist Mitchell Toy perfectly complement the text and contribute to the fun. Children in the pre school years and early years of school always enjoy stories about dinosaurs; their size, their tongue-twister names (and the difficulty that the grownups have saying them) along with their habits and habitats seem to have universal appeal.

Ben, The Boy Who Paints HIs Nails

Launch @ Page 8 Hampton Sunday 26th August, 1.00pm to 3.00pm. Refreshments will be served.

This charming book was written by Louis Hanson and illustrated by Daisy Squires, who were supported by Trent Harding who managed the project. Louis is a writer and an advocate for the implementation of children’s stories dealing with diversity for school and older preschool aged children. Daisy’s inspired artwork and particularly her use of colour to complement Louis’s text, ensures that the book works on many levels for children and adults.  I think teachers will find this a great resource.

The things that made you feel alone, the things that made you fall, Will now become your strengths at last: the strength we need for all.”